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Ghledya Teselle

Hi, my name is Ghledya. I am from Venezuela.

I’m fifty something. I arrived in this beautiful country a little over 4 years ago, and here I found very good friends, new experiences and my husband.

I have 3 beautiful daughters, a handsome son, a cute grandson and three dogs, Lilo, Rocky and Buddy, who love me as much as I love them.

A new opportunity of life and love, they have given me fresh ideas and reasons to give much more of me.

I have been hyperactive, I love to learn, travel and love every circumstance of my life that leaves teachings to take more secure steps and always from the hand of God.

I have always been passionate about natural and healthy things, colors and aromas.

Our Story

I am a positive and resilient woman, happy for everything learned so far.

And now as if my life wasn’t already amazing enough, I’m thrilled to create a new collection of 100% natural products to nourish and caress the skin of all the members of our family.

That’s how Fancy Bubbles was born.

Soaps that are not only soaps. NO!

Fancy Bubbles are soaps with properties and benefits for the skin, in addition to an excellent presentation, beautiful, fun and with the necessary bubbles to enjoy a pleasant and healthy shower.

Fancy Bubbles was born to spoil my family and friends, today I want to share with all of you, with much love, my soaps, so you too can pamper to your family.

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