Magic Line of Soaps: I tell you the process of creation


What is this new line about?

Until today you knew that... Fancy Bubbles was born making soaps with organic and natural ingredients that help nourish and hydrate your skin. Today, after wonderful classes, studies and tests on friends and family (never on animals). Fancy Bubbles creates its own soap formulas, in its own laboratory.

A calculator, organic ingredients and with passion and love this powerful magic of new 100%natural soaps emerged.

We have created more than 16 types of soaps for Dry Skin, Oily skin, Sensitive skin and Mixed skin. Don't miss our new Fancy Bubbles soaps your skin will be grateful.

Do you want to know more? We share how in 6 magical steps we created this line of Fancy bubbes soaps.

Step 1. NaOH + H2O. Yes! Sodium hydroxide and distilled water, with the correct measures that allow saponification of natural fats or oils, will result in an excellent natural soap. This is the main formula to make our soaps. it is magic, right?
Step 2. We choose the best oils that adapt to the needs of each skin type.
Step 3. Many of our oils are macerated with plants that contain multiple benefits for the skin, such as eucalyptus, calendula, lavender, arnica, chamomile, etc.
Step 4. We combine the oils with our alkaline solution and other additives that complement and enrich the properties of our soaps such as milk, collagen, charcoal, juices, oleates, etc.
Step 5. And vualá! We put our magic mixture in a mold, we waited 24 hours to cut them and put our Fancy Bubbles stamp on them.
Step 6. After being cut and sealed they go to a special warehouse (you must imagine how delicious it smells), for 30 days to fully cure and they are ready to moisturize your skin.
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